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2020 Gallery

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Pace Iubire t-shirt

Radu Tilibasa
Bucharest, Romania

Top Photo: Radu Tilibasa in Bucharest, Romania is holding the t-shirt he created for his exchange partner, Declan Burdett, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Bottom Photo: Declan with the t-shirt he received from Radu.

“I’m Declan's mother, and I wanted to share with you the email that I received from Radu's mother just yesterday:”

‘I am Radu's mother. My name is Maria and my husband is Called Ionutz.‘Thank you for your wonderful work of art. We keep it on our wall in our living room. Our children are talking about Declan all the time and we are so excited to share this experience with you. Hopefully we will send Radu's work of art on Tuesday. Radu and his little sister Iris are working on the surprise for Declan.

’Thank you very much,

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