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2020 Gallery

091a Kris Shaw.jpg


Kris Shaw
Havre, Montana, USA

“It is so hard to incorporate all the things I would like to in one painting! My husband and I have been studying permaculture for a few years and I had the permaculture ethic in mind as I painted this: care for the earth, care for the people, and dispersal of abundance. The universe is in the background, because we are just a small part of creation. Mother Earth is green and has all the hair colors of human beings (I think she likes being green) The peace sign is rainbow colored to encompass all humans. Within the peace sign, I hoped to show clean sir, clean water, shelter from the elements (I used the teepee because we live in close proximity to 3 reservations), and enough food for all. There should be no reason to have to fight just to live and no reason for greed or hunger.”

Kris Shaw

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