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036 Mari Alvarez.jpg


Mari Alvarez
Institute for Civic Leadership, Mills College
Oakland, California, USA

With the direction of teacher, Michaela Daystar, Students were given the following assignment:

  • Think about the issue you are working on.
  • Now think about that issue being solved, or addressed in a way that creates positive social change.
  • What does the community look like? How do people feel and act, now that this issue is no longer a problem? How do they interact with each other? How are things different?
  • Now write 3-4 sentences describing this change or this new community/world

In response to the assignment, Mari Alvarez created this artwork and the following text:
“EQUALITY OF ACCESS to Health Care, Well-being, Natural Health. All is balance- equilibrium.
Wellness, peace, balance, kindness, compassion, unity, joy, excitement, tranquility
This community is in balance. Humans are living in balance with the world and the universe. We are not only sustainable in our lifestyles- we are thriving and the natural world thrives in congruence. There exists equality of access to safe natural outdoor spaces for freedom, exploration, security, and rejuvenation. There exists equality of access to whole fresh nutritious foods from the earth, from our hands.
Interactions, consideration, generosity, gratitude.
Clear water, clean parks, clear people, open hearts.”

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