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Mei-Shiang Shiu
Tainan City, Taiwan

“I come from Taiwan, republic of China. This is the first time to participate in such an interesting and meaningful event. I'm thankful for the sponsor holding it, which gives our creations the opportunities to be appreciated.

“My work, enlightened by the public art ‘Magical’ from Ying-Shi Lake in the Southern Taiwan Science Park. ‘Ying-Shi Lake', which means welcoming the sunrise, is a hopeful lake. The yellow work behind is also a public art called ‘Welcoming Colorful Ribbons’. As soon as you enter the park, you can see it greeting gorgeously. And the red egg called ‘Shi’ represents the birth of the new lifes and the permanent development.

“If possible, please do visit Taiwan. We can take a walk around Ying-Shi Lake, where there are more than 20 other artworks widen your horizon.

“May everything go you way.”

Happy handmaker Mei-Shiang Shiu

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