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Star Academic Center High School students
With the direction of teacher, Roberta Lewis
Tucson, Arizona, USA

“I thought I would let you know what we are up to because, if I do say so myself, it is rather ‘cool’. My high school students are making 4 collaged ‘cards’, 6"x 9" each that have imagery that represents a ‘resiliency word’ (chosen or developed from a list of positive words). On the back of each card they were asked to write the ‘word’ boldly and to ‘justify’ the chosen images and how they represent the word to them.

“Tomorrow, when all the artwork is finished, we will play the old fashioned ‘Concentration’ card game... (trying to match same words by remembering the locations when they are overturned). The kids had the option to do 2 different words with different images, or 1 word with 4 different images. Often the word itself is not obvious because of the manner in which the art student designed their individual artwork. It's been really helpful in having kids begin to articulate their thoughts and to reinforce visual literacy.” ~ Roberta Lewis

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