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Mariam Tamborenra
Aventura, Florida, USA

Mariam created her nest as part of the Minervas group of 12 women who participated in the 2020 Global Art Project for Peace exchange. Bottom photo is Mariam’s nest on the dove painting the Minervas received from their exchange group, the Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre in Toronto, Canada.

“I invite you to put your focus on your NEST, a safe and sacred space to create and recreate, birth and rebirth...Be you, Be hoNEST…!!

“The nest has an ancient fabric and some real seeds that I've picked up on my walking...every seed holds a word to remember, and the egg as a symbol of potential to become, I wrote on it: ‘Be you - Be hoNEST’. The invitation/inspiration is to use the NEST to your creative meditation.

“My nests have wings and they come to your house, to your life…I hope they accompany you in your meditations, in your silences, in your prayers or in your day of music and dance, reading or family and friends meetings. In your dark days it will invite you to rest and in your light days to fly…

“Now, through the Global Art Project for Peace, an art-nest travelled to Canada! If you focus and look at your nest, he is going to talk to you and ask you questions, he is going to invite you to go into your own heart because that is where he really wants to live. Nest-heart” Mariam Tamborenea

“Mis nidos tienen alas y llegan a tu casa, a tu vida…Espero te acompañen en tus meditaciones, en tus silencios, en tus plegarias o en tu día de música y danza, de lectura o de encuentros familiares y amigos. En tus días oscuros te invitará a reposar y en tus días de luz a volar…

Si te concentras y miras tu nido, él te va a hablar y te va a hacer preguntas, te va a invitar a ir hacia adentro a tu propio corazón porque es donde realmente quiere vivir. Nido-corazón” Mariam Tamborenea

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