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Art created by a member of the Fabricators
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

“We [the Fabricators] are an ever-evolving group of artists, currently 12, consisting of working artists, part-time artists and women who didn’t realize they were artistic until they tried!” Helen Cameron

The Fabricators exchanged art for peace with the Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors in Detroit, MI, USA.

Letter by Helen Cameron to their exchange group: "We are a group of artists, working women, retirees, adult students and many other descriptions and imagine you are as well. The group was started by one member who is a working artist (as opposed to most of us who, though serious at times, simply enjoy our art). While the theme is peace, we have created a number of individual pieces mostly using the woven 8-pointed star as the central part of the theme. This is for the campaign to make people aware of and eliminate violence, an obvious precursor to peace with the group One Million Stars to End Violence.”

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