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Claudia Cockerill
Yorktown Heights, New York, USA

“The Sun gifts Mother Earth with the Tree of Life. May we all honor that gift with kindness and plant the seeds of love and peace all around our world.”
Claudia Cockerill

Photo below: Art created by Claudia’s exchange partner, Yana Voitsekhivska, a 14 year old girl in Skala-podilska, Ukraine.

Claudia’s message to Yana in Ukraine:

“Thank you Yana for your bright, beautiful sunflower field peace painting. I love sunflowers. I will treasure your painting and the sacred Motanka dolls you created for me. They are very special and their meaning is a beautiful symbol of family love, honoring how Ukrainian’s deep ancestral relationships gave birth to the present generation.

“Your message is true, ‘Happiness is only real when shared’ I will treasure all that you’ve shared with me in the deep knowledge that though we live on different continents, we are both like-minded people united for world peace. Yana, I am very happy and grateful for our connection and I thank you for what you’ve created and shared with me about the Ukrainian culture.

“Let’s both hold peace and happiness in our hearts, just as we’ve shared our creative energies, hopes and made a friendship connection. May each step we take help in creating a new global consciousness in peace.

“Sending you, your family, communities and country loving thoughts and healing protection blessings for peace,”



Claudia’s message to the Global Art Project for Peace:

“Thank you, Katherine, for this beautiful opportunity to be partnered with Yana. I feel so uplifted and grateful for this beautiful experience with the Global Art Project for Peace. This experience has always truly been a blessing in my life and even more so in this difficult year.

“Your program’s message is so important in creating connections, understanding, creativity and positive communications within our world communities.

“With hope, love, creative joy and peace,”

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