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Peace in All Seasons

Created by Monday Night Druidry (MND) made up of a group of people with a shared nature based spirituality, based in the Dandenong Ranges to the East of Melbourne, Australia.

“We come together once a week to share creative space. We were inspired to become involved in GAP because peace is part of our ethos as practicing Druids. We were pleased to be matched with Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta, GA, USA, not least because of the symbolism of the mythical beasts associated with the shop, but the proprietor Candace, and the patrons that she enlisted on the project, appeared to share visions and beliefs that we could easily relate to. They created for us a paper quilt, with panels depicting scenes of peace.

“To them we sent ‘Peace For All Seasons’, a tree in spiral form to symbolise the endless turning of the seasons, and embellished it with our decorated palms to signify our wish to connect in peace with others.

“For the next project, we have each taken panels from the quilt and will make an art response on the back to its image. We will then turn this into a Peace Book and forward it on in 2014.”

Yours in peace,
Monday Night Druidry

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