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Fairport Beach Public School Grades 3/4
With the direction of teacher, Trudy Akler
Pickering, Ontario, Canada

“This year's exchange has been yet another tremendous success. As in the past three exchanges, the final piece is a success, the students are always delighted, and the actual exchange and connection with another group somewhere in the world is a treasure.

“We created a fabric scene with highlights of our city, Pickering, Ontario, as the background. Students divided up the work and, using textiles and other materials, created different sections, such as the lakefront, farmland, our school, our city hall and main library, and so on. In the foreground, we each designed a fabric self-portrait holding or standing by something of personal interest or importance. The scene then shows that we are all part of the same community, yet celebrate individual differences. I feel that this is akin to overall aim of the Global Art Project!

“As time passed and the work progressed, pride in the overall accomplishment and a sense of teamwork developed. Each student felt proud of our art piece and of his or her individual contribution to and artistic representation in it.

“Excitement grew when a local newspaper featured the class and our fabric scene on the front page of the paper, and then reached its crescendo when we received an art piece and letters from our exchange partner, a grade 2-3 class from Horseshoe Trails Elementary School in Cave Creek, Arizona!

“After a few months, the students are still continuing to exchange letters back and forth. As part of our end-of-school-year reviews and projects, many students selected the Global Art Project as the year's highlight. For one student in particular, the Global Art Project was a definite turning point in his academic career. It showcased his artistic talents, encouraged him to take on a leadership role, and helped his confidence soar. Academic gains and further confidence have followed. So while those initial class challenges were present, the rewards have been deep and wide reaching. Personal development, inner peace, wonderful artistic creations, global connections, and expressions of harmony, joy, and love travelling the world! You can’t beat that.”

Trudy Akler

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