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A Peace of the D, a group of 18 artists
Detroit, Michigan, USA

“Plans are coming together regarding our very first GAP exhibit here in metro Detroit. Our group 'A Peace of the D' will be exhibiting at the Downriver Council for the Arts in Wyandotte MI.

“The gallery director contacted me and asked if I would be willing to work with them on hanging that exhibit and if it would be at all possible for the GAP artists to hang our show on March 29th. She went on to explain that the weekend of March 30th was going to be action packed and she wanted as many people as possible to be exposed to the GAP project. So, here is a rundown on what is happening on March 30th. We're expecting bigger than usual crowds. In addition, local school children have been making origami peace cranes which will be suspended from the ceiling of the gallery for the duration of the show. And the GAP show will be unveiled - along with the artwork from the students in my after school art program. There will be an opening reception on March 30th and a closing reception on April 20th and we anticipate both will be well attended. Pretty exciting, huh?

“Needless to say, we're pretty excited and I suspect that our GAP group will be even larger next year! We are working on press releases to send to local media outlets.” Cheryl Alt

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