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Recipe for World Peace

Suzanne Gray
Children of Hekab Be Biblioteca
Akumal, Mexico  

The children of Hekab Be Biblioteca exchanged art with the children of the Davis Family YMCA in Boardman, Ohio, USA with the direction of Suzanne Gray. 

“The wall hanging, Recipe for World Peace, was created by the children of the Hekab Be Biblioteca as part of the Global Art Project for Peace.  The children attend school in their pueblo, and afterwards cross a busy highway to attend an after school program to study, learn English, do art projects, have snacks, etc.”

They are shown at the library with the art created by their match, the children of the Davis Family YMCA-Home School Program in Boardman, Ohio, USA.

Recipe for World Peace
One seed          Two hands
Make a hole     Start planting
See it grow       Share it
One World       Far reaching

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