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Gifts for Peace

Students of the Johannes Heidenhain High School and Seniors of the Pur Vital Retirement Home with the direction of Anna Fries
Traunreut, Germany

“A group of five girls in the open all-day school of Johannes Heidenhain High School Traunreut participated together with 11 senior citizens of the Pure Vital Service Living at the Traun in the Global Art Project for Peace. On Thursday afternoon, 20 March heart-shaped acrylic paintings originated in Community creativity on canvas under the motto ‘Gifts for Peace’. The images are from the 7th April to 27 April in public cafe fountain of youth Pur Vital issued in Traunreut.

“In cooperation with the Head of the open day school, Mrs. Lackner, and the staff of the social support of the Pure Vital nursing home, Mrs. Felber and Mrs. Fries, with gorgeous spring sunshine was painted on the balcony, considered and the common desire of peace, dedicated afternoon. Emphatically confirmed one of those present, very old ladies, how important is the peace, representative of women of a generation, expulsion, displacement and war have experienced in their youth, in her own body and have it marked up today in their memories. An afternoon full of impressions for the students of classes at the school in meeting with the senior citizens, who was filled with moments of mutual attention, was now also history.

“We look forward to the end of April for to send the 4 acrylik paintings to the exchanche group.”

Thanks a lot. Anna Fries


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