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2020 Gallery

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Start a Kindness Revolution and Peace of Mind

Claudia Cockerill
Yorktown Heights, NY

Claudia participated with a group of 13 Kundalini yoga members at The Golden Temple Yoga Studio located in Katonah, NY. The studio donated gallery space for a GAP exhibition to share member artwork and the GAP message for P E A C E with the local community. Claudia created two acrylic paintings and a poem for her exchange partner living in Huaraz, Ancash Peru and for an Angel Corps partner in Hillsboro, OR, USA.

“The GAP project is a marvelous experience for anyone of all ages and backgrounds. I thank the Global Art Project for empowering and guiding my focus toward a peaceful world exchanging love through the spark of creative expression.

Start a Kindness Revolution is a poem I wrote which inspired a painting of the same name. My idea for the painting was rather than awake each day feeling that life is a challenge, dance in the flow and surround yourself and others with kindness. Combat negativity with peace and kindness because in living mindfully this way, ultimately, we do feel love, harmony, peace, balance and finally gratitude for the gift of life. We're granted wisdom, we feel lighthearted, we can laugh at ourselves and release anger and drama. It's then we feel P E A C E and want to share it with everyone.”

Peace of Mind is a painting that represents the bliss found in yoga or when sitting in peaceful meditation. Nature inspires peace, joy, love and opens us to the great beauty in our Divine connection to Mother Earth and the Universe which is always enhanced by natural surroundings.

Claudia Cockerill

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