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A Peaceable Kingdom

Students in Art 490 – Folk, Ethnic, and Indigenous Art at St. Cloud University with the direction of their Professor, Dr. Kathryn Gainey
St. Cloud, MN, USA

Collaborative Project completed by students. Their art was sent to the Neddy Neswi group in Tinjdad, Morocco.

Each student in the class helped create the art and wrote about their ideas of peace.

“Peace, to me, is the gift of tranquility. Sitting among humanity’s highest values, peace entails that there are no disturbances at a given moment. It is the gift that allows people from all types of cultural, religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds to coexist and function, because it requires understanding. By being understanding and considerate of these different backgrounds, peace is achieved, and humanity lives on. So, to put simply, peace is a gift.” Sydney Schlauderaff                   

“Peace happens when acceptance, empathy, and understanding are combined.” Blessings Banda

“Accepting others for their differences is the first step toward global peace.” Matthew Glowacki

“I think that Gandhi said it best ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ We will never have world peace until every person is at peace with himself or herself. I think that peace is loving yourself, everyone you meet and your life. I think that peace is happiness.” Natalie Simon                                   

“Peace is harmony where harm and pain cease to exist.  Peace is where you can be yourself and live freely without the fear of violence.  It is also important that you have inner peace within yourself to be able to live a happy life.” NaLee Vang             

“Peace is tranquility, peace of the mind, absence of violence and war. This is something that can be achieved from within or from our surroundings. An individual is as peaceful as they make up their mind to be.” Rachel Wallace

“Peace comes from within us.  If every human could find peace within themselves, I believe there would be peace in our daily lives and around the world.”
Dr. Kathryn Gainey, Professor

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