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Peace Woman Oneness

10 women in “MINERVAS. Women changing the World” with the co-direction of Mariam Tamborenea and Isabel Rimanoczy.
Aventura, Florida, USA

Mariam’s letter to her GAP partner:

“Hello Lynette and Team,

“It's so emotional writing you. It's Mariam Tamborenea, an Argentine woman living in Florida, USA. I tell you this because maybe my English is no too good yet.

“Well, we are partnership in this project, wow it's amazing!

“I belong to a non-profit organization called MINERVAS. Women changing the World.  We gather one a month and we shared a Circle of Dialogue with different issues, we use artistic expression to introduce the theme in an individual reflection and after we have the dialogue with some rules that do it more deep and respectful.

“The mission of Minervas is inspire women to meet in groups to develop and grow spirituality and awaken consciousness to make a difference in the community.

“We create a Colective Mandala through collage with the concept of WOMEN-PEACE-ONENESS. It's an honor to participate in this global project of Katherine Josten. Thank you Katherine for your idea, inspiring and support. We showed our piece of Art-Peace in a Pathwork meeting and next week we will share it in other space.

“And...we will send you it soon to the interchange!”

Warm hug in love & peace
Mariam & Minervas Team

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