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A Peace is Missing

Maggie Huft
Paulsbo, WA, USA

“My GAP 2014 art piece is an 11" X 14" acrylic on canvas painting using the new iridescent paints and even glitter with regular acrylics; and is intended to be an interactive artwork. The missing puzzle ‘piece’ is on clear plastic and is separate from the canvas. It is re-positionable and can be removed. For the last couple of months, I've been working with the newer specialty acrylics - so I'm afraid the photo doesn't really give the full effect. Once again, this has been a lot of fun.

“Version ‘a’ is with the puzzle piece in place.

Version ‘b’ is the art without the puzzle piece.

‘c’ is the puzzle piece.

“My Global Art Project partner, Helen, received her artwork from me yesterday. What a clever idea! She sent a recipe for ‘World Peace Cookies’ and a PowerPoint slideshow of her art group eating cookies to introduce me to all of them. Baking is an art form.

“I made a large batch to take to my art league meeting last week – and gave a short talk about the Project.”

Maggie Huft

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