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Jill Allyn Carter, USA, teaches art to elementary students at the Jakarta International School in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She feels she has been blessed to have enjoyed her art teaching career. Jill finds that laughing is the most wonderful, spontaneous expression of joy. She created the above work for the 1996 Exchange.

The GAP Art Bank is a collection of images of artworks that were created for the Global Art Project for Peace exchanges by participating artists. All participants are invited to submit images of art they created for the exchanges and to also submit photos of the people who created art for the exchanges.

All of the artwork and people you see on this website were selected from the GAP Art Bank. The Art Bank is also used as source material for GAP presentations and promotional literature.

If you would like to submit images to the GAP Art Bank, email them to peace@globalartproject.org, or send them to:

Global Art Project
GAP Art Bank
PO Box 40445
Tucson, AZ 85717

The ideal format for submissions is a high resolution digital image (300 dpi). Also, please be sure to attach a description for each picture you submit. Submissions to the GAP Art Bank will not be returned.

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