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Created by Margaret Tan from Taipei, Taiwan ROC for the 1998 Exchange.

This bibliography is a record of many of the articles and books written about the Global Art Project. The articles are listed by date of publication.

We link to articles when possible. If you are aware of the existence of any of these articles online, please let us know and we will post a link. Click here for contact info. Thank you.

The Church Herald, (Grand Rapids, MI), October, 2006, Theresa Lasselle, “Peace by Piece”, pp 31-33,   photos pp. 31-33.

Kent Good Times Dispatch,  (Kent, CT), July 7, 2006, Karen A Chase, “Global art from Canada at library”, photo p. 8.

Kent Good Times Dispatch, (Kent, CT), April 14, 2006, Karen A Chase, “Kent Children’s Center art goes Global”, photo p. 5.

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The Advocate, (Daylesford, Victoria, Australia), April 5, 2006, “Artful Peace Effort”, photo.

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The Litchfield County Times, (Litchfield, CT), January 6, 2006,  Dawn Caminiti, “In Litchfield, Inspired by Calder”, pp. 1, 23, photos pp.1, 23.

Litchfield Enquirer, (Litchfield, CT), January, 2006, Dawn Caminiti, “Kids on Calder:”, pp. 1,3, photos pp. 1, 3.

Traunreuter Anzeiger, (Traunreit, Germany), October 13, 2004, “Impulse aus USA fur Weltfrieden, Ausstellung im Rahmen des ‘global art project’ in den Chiemgau-Lebenshilfe-Werkstatten”, photo.

Traunreuter Anzeiger, (Traunreut, Germany), October 8, 2004, “Bilder aus USA werben fur Frieden, Erneute Ausstellung des ‘global art project’ ab Montag in Chiemgau-Lebenshilfe-Werkstatten”, photo p. 11

BIZZ!, (Traunreut, Germany), October 2004, “Global Art Project”, photo.

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The Guardian Post, (Youunde, Camroon), No. 0093, March 18-21, 2004, Nyenty Egbeachang, "COPPREA to promote peace through arts", p. 5.

The Warren Reporter (Warren, NJ), February 13, 2004, Wayne Thorpe, "Participants sought for Global Art Project.

Tryon Daily Bulletin (Tryon, NC), February 13, 2004, "Global Art Project promotes peace".

Tryon Daily Bulletin (Tryon, NC), February 13, 2004, "Handz On Artz - TFAC's new program goes beyond the classroom".

Hackettstown Issue (Hackettstown, NJ), February 4, 2004, "International Art Event Promotes Peace", p. 9.

Stanislaus Connections (www.ainet.com/connections/2004/01/connectionsfp.htm#Art), Online Edition: January 2004 , Vol. XV, No. V, Tino Plank, "Global Art Project: community, creativity, and peace".

Equilibrium (Tucson, AZ), Vol. 2, No. 9, August 2003, Rosanne Crago "Global Art Project starts here in Tucson…A Time for Peace", pp. 8-9, photos pp. 8-9.

Art Today (Taipei, Taiwan), May 2002, "Global Art Project, Taiwan Exhibition", photo p. 40.

The Newport Miner (Newport, WA), April 24, 2002, "International Art Exchange Promotes World Peace", photo p. 5A.

Priest River Times (Priest River, ID), April 24, 2002, Rob Chandler, "It Takes Many Colors to Make a Rainbow…", pp. 1, 3, photo p. 1.

J Select, Japan Select Magazine (Tokyo, Japan), Vol.29, No. 3, March 2002, "Global Art Project 2002", photos p. 57.

Littleton Independent (Littleton, CO), March 2002, Jon Lloyd, " Littleton High Students Paint Peace Panels, Elementary Schools Get Involved", photo.

Kansai Time Out (Kobe, Japan), No. 300, February 2002, "Global Art Project - The 5th Biennial for World Peace", p. 65.

Rocky Mountain News (Boulder, CO), February 8, 2002, Martys Duran, "Students Paint Their Visions of Nonviolence", photo.

The Newport Miner (Newport, WA), January 23, 2002, "Global Art Project Wants You", p. 8A.

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Tryon Daily Bulletin (Tryon, NC), October 5, 2001, "What to do for World Peace?" photo.

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The Canadian Champion (Milton, Ont., Canada), June 6, 2000, "Around the World", photo, p. 19.

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China Daily News (Taipei, Taiwan), April 23, 2000, "One and All, Kids and Adults; Trash Made Useful and the Yabo Lane Colorful", photo.

United Daily News (Taipei, Taiwan), April 23, 2000, "See Yabo Folks All Painting in Their Neighborhood", photo.

Taiwan Times (Taipei, Taiwan), April 23, 2000, "Turning Trash into Treasure", photo.

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The Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, AZ), October 22, 1999, Raina Wagner, "Global Pieces Decorate Tucson Museum of Art", photo, p. 24E.

Daily Jang of Karachi (Karachi, Pakistan), October 18, 1999, "Global Art Project: International Earth Unity".

The Crafts Report (Wilmington, DE), October 1999, "Promoting World Peace Through Craft", photos, p. 12.

Water on Stone, Women's Ways to Global Change (Roanoke, VA), May 1999, Vol. 1, Issue 10, "Global Art Project", photo, p. 7.

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