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Registration for the next exchange in 2024 is now open.

To participate, please complete the form below. Print and mail it with your donation to:

Global Art Project, P.O. Box 40445
Tucson, Arizona 85717, USA.

Name ___________________________________________________
Enter name of individual or group contact person
____ Individual Participation
____ Group Participation
Approximate number in group: _____________________

___ One Group Work

___ Individual Works
Name of Group ______________________________________________________
Mailing Address ______________________________________________________
City _____________________
State or Province _____________________
Postal Code _____________________
Country _____________________
Telephone: _____________________ Please include country code and area code.
Fax _____________________ Please include country code and area code.
Email _____________________
Amount of donation _____________________ Enter 0 if you are not able to donate.

All US and Canadian participants are required to submit a registration donation. Participants in other countries are asked to send a registration donation if possible.

The minimum donation for individuals is $15 USD.
The minimum donation for groups is $20 USD.

The Global Art Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and we rely on your generous donations to fund the Project.

Global Art Project will match participants around the world -- connecting people in the spirit of unity without regard for race, culture, gender, nationality, age, belief, sophistication, or any of the categories which separate and divide -- joining all together in the spirit of wholeness.





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